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YAPKİM; a 100% Turkish capital investment, with its 12.000 m2 production plant; 7.000 m2 indoor powder, resin and the liquid production lines, takes its deserved place in the construction chemicals market and adds value to the Turkish economy. YAPKİM is aware of the fact that, to maintain to be the best in the market depends on improving the product range, thus allocates a significant budget for R&D activities. Our corporate goal is to carry our structure in the future offering correct and reliable system details, which are supported by the strong R&D and 3 laboratories equipped with the advanced technology without sacrificing the highest quality insurance standards. As a top-level company, offering its high quality to its clients with an accessible economy and having the high-tech products alongside with sustainability is one of the most important principles of YAPKİM. YAPKİM’s focus is to provide good quality products and reliable system solutions meeting the requirements of all construction chemicals market. YAPKİM considers its dealers and its clients as business partners and becomes indispensable by combining its quality, accessibility, the trustful service. YAPKİM creates innovative system solutions by following sectorial developments and requirements and thus builds up strength for the future. YAPKİM offers complete system solutions from the foundation to the roof for the construction chemicals industry and has an extensive service network with its strong technological know-how and R&D.



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